High-Quality Hydraulic Cylinders


Threaded/Ring Retained 

RamRod is a leader in the design and manufacture of welded construction cylinders, utilizing internally threaded heads, externally threaded caps, or internal thread ring construction.

RamRod supplies custom welded and threaded-type hydraulic cylinders for a wide range of applications.

Whether we are manufacturing our own proven designs or using RamRod’s advanced manufacturing capabilities to efficiently produce our customer’s proprietary designs, our mission is always to ensure our customers are receiving high-quality, cost-effective hydraulic cylinders that are both safe and reliable.

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Threaded/Ring Retained Hydraulic Cylinder

Bolt-On Head

RamRod excels in designing and manufacturing custom hydraulic cylinders that are utilized in rough service environments.

RamRod is a leading supplier of bolt-on head-style hydraulic cylinders for these rugged applications.

RamRod’s bolt-on head designs allow for higher pressure capabilities and ease of service while, at the same time, retaining a relatively compact closed length.

RamRod bolted-head construction cylinders can be found on equipment in industries such as excavating, mining, forestry, metal scrap handling, and other extreme-duty applications.

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Bolt-On Head Hydraulic Cylinder

Jack Cylinder

RamRod custom designs and manufactures Jack-leg cylinders to lift and level equipment, such as portable crushing plants, recycling plants, cranes, aerial lifts, fire trucks, and many others.

RamRod jack legs feature pin arrangements for safe position locking, swivel action foot designs for lifting on uneven terrain, mounting plates that are height adjustable for customer-specific applications, anti-drift features, and unique foot attachments that best meet our customer’s specifications.

There are no exposed rods to corrode, dent, or scratch. There are no external transfer tubes to bend. RamRod builds in quality.

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Jack Leg Cylinder

Integrated Valve Block

RamRod designs and manufactures a wide range of hydraulic cylinders with integral valve solutions.

RamRod custom designs valve blocks that can incorporate a variety of valve types, including positioning, pressure sensing, load holding, proportional, or sequencing.

RamRod quality cylinders with integral valve solutions simplify the hydraulic system on most equipment and offer reduced installation costs.

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Hydraulic Cylinder with Integrated Valve Block

Linear Position Sensor

Today more and more OEMs are designing their equipment with enhanced automation to achieve greater operating efficiencies and reduced costs.

As a result, the need for cylinders with integrated feedback sensors has grown rapidly.RamRod is a leading designer and manufacturer of cylinders with integral linear transducers.

These provide the necessary feedback on the cylinder rod extends position for critical automated hydraulic functions.

Cylinder designs with external position sensors are also available.

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Hydraulic Cylinder with Linear Position Sensor